Enjoy and build confidence in our
New Group Singing Class:
Adult Choir

This Adult Choir is a course that explores choral music from a wide variety of cultures and time periods through study and performance.

Participants will learn the basics of vocal technique, sight-reading, music theory, and music history in a group setting. The Adult will perform songs from genres including gospel, folk musical theater, and many more.
Rehearsals will be 1-hour every week.
Every rehearsal will begin with breathing and warm-up exercises to reinforce healthy singing habits, then will move onto the instruction of songs that the choir will be performing. Participants will receive a folder with sheet music to follow. Recital performance January 26th, 2020.

Ages: 18+

Class Time: Every Friday for 9 weeks, at 1 PM

Register here Fall $95– November 8th, 2019 –  January 24th, 2020