Music Recording 101

NSM Recording 101 explores audio and recording production. Discussion of recording methods and demonstrations of Pro Tools and/or hardware used in the production of music including creative and innovative methods are the basis of this group class. Students will develop the knowledge and skills in all phases of studio and live performance operation.

Class Format:

The first half of the class will be reserved for discussing theories and techniques commonly practiced in the audio recording industry. The second part of class will consist of hands-on pro tools, other practical demonstrations and recording. Knowledge and recall exercises of vocabulary and ProTools shortcuts will be part of the weekly learning format. 


Over the course of the 12 weeks we will be recording a song from scratch. We will use a large format mixer to record the sounds and will use ProTools to record. All students will have the chance to be the engineer or the recording musician. We will get into what it takes to record each instrument and the techniques with which to do so. Once the song is recorded, each student will have the opportunity to mix the song we record. Near the end of the course, each student will show the class their mix so we can all give feedback.
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