NSM Music Mastery System

WARM UP 1-2 minutes of a warm up exercise.
NOTE READING 7-10 minutes students will work through approved method books and NSM’s own catalog of printed materials.
MUSICAL PIECE 15-20 minutes students practice a song or musical piece.
REQUIRED PRACTICE We ask all students to commit to a minimum of 15 minutes of focused practice a day.
RECITALS We have recitals twice a year.

The Music Mastery System was developed in collaboration with the highly skilled teaching staff at the Napa School of Music.
The Music Mastery System consists of a structured 30-minute private lesson that starts with a warm-up period, then goes into carefully selected exercises that improve technique and finishes with a musical piece that helps develop specific areas of musical expertise. A minimum of 15 minutes a day of focused practice at home is recommended.